Destination Weddings – Trendy, But Are They Worth It?

More and more couples are saying “I Do” in exotic and unusual places. This trend is called Destination Weddings. Definitely not your traditional wedding, but many couples are opting for jetting off to an overseas dream wedding and honeymoon combination at a much cheaper price. Is it for you?

Let’s objectively look at the pros and cons of having a Destination Wedding. But of course, if you’re both set on flying to Bora Bora and getting hitched on the glistening, white pearl sand in front of a crystal blue lagoon, then hey, don’t let me stop you! But I’m still going to share with you the cons of making that decision.

The Cons

1. Destination weddings may be less expensive for the betrothed couple, but very costly for everyone else. Paying for airline tickets, accommodations, food and then a wedding gift to boot, will prohibit many people from attending the wedding. Therefore, probably most of your close friends and family are not going to come.

2. Planning a wedding long distance can end up being a nightmare. Weddings in themselves wreak havoc with the couple as well as their families and their friends. Organizing a wedding over the phone and via emails can prove to be more than anyone bargained for. Unless you have someone that you know who lives nearby your destination that can check things for you, you may be biting off more than you can chew.

3. Many countries perform marriage ceremonies that are not recognized as being legal and binding in the United States or in other countries. This is a very important consideration when planning a Destination Wedding.

Okay, now that I’ve probably annihilated the thought of you having a Destination Wedding, let me share the other side of this coin. And there really is another side.

The Pros

1. A Destination Wedding combination honeymoon will save you money. Many exotic beach destinations are downright cheap with a good amount of European countries a close second. Then there are the multi-cultural countries of Asia. Two of the more popular destinations there are Thailand and Bali.

2. Your honeymoon is at your back door! Perhaps the most amazing positive about Destination Weddings is that fact that you are tying the knot at your honeymoon location. And many hotels and resorts around the world offer wedding/honeymoon packages which can save you thousands of dollars compared to a wedding in the states.

3. Want to spare yourself the agony of seeing people that you never wanted to invite to the wedding in the first place? If that sounds about right, then this is the perfect wedding for you.

4. A Destination Wedding has a unique, magical quality to it.

Hopefully this will help you decide if a Destination Wedding is the right one for you. If you are non-traditionalists, you probably will find great joy and satisfaction in finding that one, unique destination that is perfect for the two of you. If you have always dreamed of the fairytale wedding in your home town surrounded by close friends and family, then it doesn’t matter how much you save, it just isn’t right for you. Either way, memories are being made.

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