Destination Weddings – How to Choose the Perfect Location

One of the biggest trends in weddings today is the destination wedding. This means the bride and groom travel to some romantic getaway where vows are exchanged. Depending on the couple, and their wedding budget, a destination wedding may also include flying in close family members and friends, or keeping the wedding open if people want to pay their own way. As you will discover, destination weddings have a number of advantages.

For starters, combining the wedding and honeymoon into one location is a great way of saving money. In addition to the happy couple flying off to their desired destination, family and friends have the chance to enjoy a mini, or extended vacation. Keep in mind, the majority of destination weddings are intimate, including just a few people. In fact, some couples enjoying a destination wedding held on the beach may discover that a number of the guests are unknown, making the event even more memorable.

If you believe a destination wedding sounds like something of interest, the first decision would be whether becoming married in an warm climate or somewhere picturesque, like on a snow-covered mountain. One of the favorite destinations is the beautiful and exotic Caribbean Islands. There, a bride and groom could choose a quaint church wedding or don bathing suits to exchange the “I Do’s” underneath a palm tree swaying gently in the breeze.

For a colder climate, couples could still go with a small, traditional church wedding or dress in skiwear, hit the slopes, and exchange vows at the top of a run. Obviously, your choice of wedding destination depends largely on the time of year you plan to wed, as well as the type of honeymoon you want to experience. However, because you have literally thousands of destinations from which to choose, you could become husband and wife anytime of the year, and on any continent of choice.

Once you have settled on a general area, the fun part of planning begins. Now, since travel would be involved, we recommend you begin planning a minimum of six months in advance. This way, you would have the opportunity to book great flight, hotel, and car deals. One of the best ways to enjoy a destination wedding is by going somewhere off-season. For instance, if you wanted to head to the Ozarks of Missouri, a place that is typically enjoyed during the summer due to the vast lake, this part of the country is also gorgeous in the fall when the leaves are changing. Since the fall is considered off-peak, prices go down!

If you have decided to plan a Caribbean wedding, be sure you factor in travel costs, as well as exchange rates. In addition, trying to plan a wedding in another country could be challenging. Therefore, instead of trying to locate a minister, church, cake maker, photographer, musician, and so on, check the local resorts, which often provide great wedding packages. Typically, a local wedding planner works for the resort, doing the majority, if not all of the legwork for you. With this, you set the date, show up, and simply enjoy the festivities. Another huge advantage of using a wedding planner through a resort is that any language barrier is eliminated.

In summary, destination weddings can be a beautiful start to a lifetime of joy with your future spouse. If planned properly, they can even be stress-free, or close to it! With the many advantages that destination weddings offer, it’s little wonder they have become such a hot trend in weddings today!

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The Increasing Popularity Of Destination Weddings

The past few decades have seen many trends in weddings and wedding planning, but it seems that destination weddings are definitely here to stay.

Gathering the wedding party and invited guests in a great destination resort is a great way to get any marriage off to a great start, and the wedding party and wedding guests alike will enjoy the opportunity to turn a wedding celebration into a great vacation.

There Are A Variety Of Possibilities When Planning A Destination Wedding

There are nearly as many possibilities for destination weddings as there are brides and grooms, and these great wedding celebrations have been held in beachfront resorts, mountain towns, big cities and small villages from coast to coast and from one corner of the world to the other.

Making Your Destination Wedding A Reflection Of Your Ethnicity

Often these destination weddings are a reflection of the ethnicity of the bride and groom.

For instance, a couple whose roots lie in Italy may choose to travel to their ancestral homeland, perhaps enjoying a spectacular destination wedding in Rome, followed by a wonderful Roman holiday as a honeymoon.

Choosing A Romantic Place To have A Wedding

Or the true romantics among us may choose destination weddings in that most romantic of cities – Paris. Paris has certainly seen more than its fair share of wedding celebrations, and the city of lights is a popular locale for both wedding celebrations and honeymoons.

Planning Ahead And Being Flexible

Planning destination weddings does take a bit more work than planning an ordinary wedding down the street, but it does not need to be overwhelming.

As with planning any type of wedding, the key to bringing off a great destination wedding is to plan ahead and to be flexible.

You Can Hire A Wedding Planner Or Do It Yourself

Planning ahead is vital when it comes to destination weddings, since there are so many additional things that must be taken care of.

You will of course still need to shop for wedding bands, choose the perfect wedding cake and send out the invitations, but you will also need to book a block of hotel rooms, help wedding party members and guests with plane reservations and possibly passport concerns, all while still shopping for the perfect wedding dress.

When you consider all the things that must be done for destination weddings it becomes apparent why planning well in advance is so important. You can hire a wedding planner or do it yourself.

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